URIMAT Connect

Up to 40 seconds of complete attention

Advertising with URIMAT Connect

A modern, targeted, effective advertising medium for you or your customers.

URIMAT also offers an advertising medium with a wide reach in a clearly defined target group. It’s not possible to change the channel or turn the page. Your message is observed for an average of 40 seconds.

Depending on the model, the URIMAT urinals offer passive or LCD displays, which bring animated messages to your male target group.


  • Up to 40 seconds of complete attention
  • No scattering loss
  • Advertising revenue/financing
  • Eco-marketing
  • Image
  • High impact LCD screen
  • High recall rate @ 90% and non-intrusive
  • Demographically targeted male audience
  • Play video, images, Livestream & RSS etc
  • HTTPS secure remote content deployment
  • Campaigns deployed nationally/regionally in seconds
  • Update creative content hourly, daily or weekly
  • 5 – 40 sec adverts – shared on rotation or dedicated
  • Low production costs

Up to 40 seconds of complete attention

Rent the display as an advertising space and increase your revenue. This is a unique form of ambient advertising, with a level of acceptance far beyond other forms of media. 

Here's how it works

1. Content is sent to Urimat’s dedicated data management, who then deploy it via a HTTPS/SSL network.

2. Using highly secure cloud based technology, were able to deploy content on a local or national basis.

3. The content is received by our cloud based network, and sent wirelessly to our onsite media device.

4. Moments after content is deployed it will appear on the networked screen. Content can also be schedule to go live at a later time/date.