Exclusive Australian & New zealand distributors of Urimat waterless sanitary technology

Australia is a country constantly on the brink of a water crisis. Ongoing and devastating droughts, bush fires and the rise in temperatures due to climate change place significant stress on the country’s water stores.

The level of water stored by Australia’s capital cities has steadily fallen over the last six years and are now collectively at 54.6% of total capacity.

Water is a precious commodity and even more precious in Australia’s rural communities. The dry season around Australia is devastating and affects all Australians, especially the rural sector. More needs to be done to address the use of water and how to save it as well as lowering our country’s carbon footprint.

To ensure sufficient water supply for a growing population, the creation of recycled water infrastructure or the implementation of waterless plumbing systems would be a significant step in the right direction.

This is where Go Eco Now’s Urimat eco-friendly systems come in.

Swiss company, Urimat is a leading designer and manufacturer of waterless urinals and environmentally friendly products for public and semi-public sanitary facilities. For more than 20 years they have stood for outstanding quality, innovation and reliability. The innovative, proprietary waterless urinal systems help companies to reduce costs and make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Urimat are the market leaders in this space and Go Eco Now has exclusive rights for distribution in Australia and New Zealand.

The patented Urimat technology is proven in its ability to save at least 100,000 litres of drinking water per year (per urinal), as well as reduce CO2 emissions by 175g per cubic metre of water. All systems are completely touch free and offer only the highest Swiss quality standards with an above-average lifespan.

Waterless urinals from the Swiss manufacturer Urimat have become widely accepted and ensure good hygiene and environmental protection in thousands of men’s toilets around the world – highly regarded by anchor brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, stadiums and numerous retail giants.

Urimat is THE environmentally friendly, economical ‘green’ solution for public male restrooms – and with touch free operation they provide the perfect ‘pandemic safe’ alternative for public spaces.

Presenting a sustainable futures commercial endeavour, Go Eco Now is being developed to meet the growing need for environmentally-friendly alternatives to address the country’s growing concern for the environment. New builds will be able to obtain LEED points for energy and environmental design.

New Eco Range



CO2 reduction

Approximately 175 g of CO2 are saved per cubic metre of water.

High Quality Products

Our urinals are all made in Switzerland, not China, and are of the highest quality.

Dermatologically gentle

Our biological cleaning agents also meet the highest dermatological standards.

100,000 Litres

At least 100,000 litres of drinking water per urinal are saved each year.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver a high quality, premium range of products that benefit the environment – enhancing the health, wellbeing and vitality of Australian communities. We aim to help people live more eco-aware.