Hand Dryers

Dry your hands in 9-11 seconds.

Quiet, fast and environmentally friendly.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick and efficient
  • Simple installation
  • Robust & durable
New design 

You will love our URIMAT hand dryers and their attractive design.

Low-cost and environmentally friendly 

Our hand dryers not only protect the environment, but also help to save costs. No storage, no disposal of paper and fabric towels. 
The energy requirements of our hand dryer are significantly lower than those of paper and fabric towel dispensers.

Absolute hygiene 

With their contactless, sensor-controlled operation, our hand dryers are based on a clean technology.


With the brushless electric motor, there are no brushes (sliding contacts), hence there is no mechanical wear. This type of motor lasts significantly longer. Step regulation and hot and cold air operation are possible.