Restaurants and Bars

For example, a fast food restaurant with two urinals and 180 usages per day will save over 500,000 litres of drinking water per year.

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Example installations of URIMAT waterless urinals around the world.

The Pirates Club & Bar

URIMAT is worth its weight in gold, and Pirates saves 2.2 million litres of precious drinking water each year.


URIMAT is a partner of McDonald’s in over 15 countries across Europe and has installed several thousand systems in hundreds of restaurants.

Outback Lodge

The Outback Lodge in Winterthur has been committed to conserving water for years.

Vapiano restaurants

The Italian restaurant chain is making a statement for the environment and is using URIMAT.

Burger King

Burger King is committed to conserving water and has installed URIMAT systems.

Club India

Clubs in India install water-saving urinals to fight against water scarcity.