A cinema chain with 140 urinals can potentially save over 22,000,000 litres of water per year.

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Example installations of URIMAT waterless urinals around the world.

Kino Arena Sihlcity

A number of Swiss cinema operators are using the intelligent solution from URIMAT, including the Kino Arena at the Sihlcity shopping centre

KITAG cinemas

With over 140 URIMAT systems in place, the KITAG cinema group is saving large volumes of precious drinking water and thus also money.

YES Planet Israel

The Israeli cinema group YES Planet is making an environmental statement with waterless urinals from URIMAT.

Cinemaxx Mall Bratislava

The Cinemaxx Group is also using water-saving urinals in Bratislava.

Cinedom Abtwil

Use of URIMAT ecovideo at Cinedom Abtwil.